• Commonwealth of Dominica (IBC)
The Commonwealth of Dominica is an independent republic situated on an island in the Caribbean region. The country has beautiful nature (many movies are filmed here, for example, the popular Pirates of the Caribbean). The legislative power in the country is represented by the Parliament; the head of state is the President. In 1805, Dominica was declared a British colony. From 1958 to 1962, Dominica became a province of West Indies Federation, and in 1978 it became an independent nation. The main revenues of the jurisdiction are derived from tourism and the financial/offshore sector. Dominica International Business Companies Act 1996 provides for full exemption of IBC companies from taxation. It is important to note that English-speaking Commonwealth of Dominica has nothing in common with the Dominican Republic, located also in the Caribbean region, which is a Spanish-speaking country of considerably larger area and population. More information

Commonwealth of Dominica (IBC)

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