• Belize (IBC)
Belize is known as a country with the most beautiful nature in Central America. Its ecologically clean waters washing reefs untouched by civilization together with forests, rivers, waterfalls and jungle, as well as historical sites of Mayan civilization attract many tourists from all over the world. In 1862, Belize was declared a British colony and was known as British Honduras in such status, until it became an independent nation in 1981. The country is ruled by a Prime Minister elected by a Senate. Belize is practically the sole country in region of Central America where an official language is English. Frequent flights connect the country with such cities as Houston, Miami and New Orleans. Belize administrative capital is the city of Belmopan, however, its main commercial centre is Belize City with the population of 60,000. Incorporation and management of non-resident companies in this country is regulated by International Business Companies Act 2000. More information

Belize (IBC)

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