• Malta (Limited)
The Republic of Malta is an archipelago consisting of three main islands and is located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. The area of the country is 316 square kilometers, and it has a lovely warm climate. In 1530, the King of Spain transferred Malta to his knights for their use. The organization established at that time continues to operate to this day and is known as the Order of Malta. Malta has been a part of the British Empire since 1814. In 1964 the country became independent. Malta has been a member of the EU since 2004. The corporate tax rate in Malta is 35 % but the law provides for a tax refund. After the financial statements are filed, the tax to the government is paid and a decision on the profit distribution is taken by a company, the shareholders receive a tax refund in the amount of 6/7 of the amount paid, which results in an actual tax rate of 5%. More information

Malta (Limited)

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