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Ireland is a highly developed European jurisdiction and a member of the EU, UN, NATO and of the Euro zone. As recently as 1980, Ireland was ranked among the most economically backward European nations. However, in the last three decades this jurisdiction has made truly unbelievable economic and technological progress, so that today it is well established as one of the leading nations in the EU in the hi-tech and financial services sectors, among others. The two free zones operating in Ireland – the Shannon Free Zone and the International Financial Services Centre in Dublin – act as a strategic base for many foreign companies, for entry into the EU market. The non-resident company registration sector also played a significant role in the economy of Ireland, and was actively growing until 1999. In that year, within the context of tax harmonisation in the EU, tax exemption for non-resident Irish companies was abolished. However, even after 1999 Ireland remains to be an attractive jurisdiction for the businessmen who wish to use a prestigious company from the EU country with a relatively low level of the taxation - the tax rate in Ireland since 2003 is only 12,5 %, and is one of the lowest in the EU. The two major forms of Irish company are the private limited company (Ltd) and the unlimited company. The liability of shareholders in the latter type of company is unlimited; however, if nominee shareholders are used, there are no principal differences between the two types of company. More information

Ireland (Ltd. / Unlimited)

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