• United Kingdom (Limited)
The United Kingdom (Great Britain) is an industrially developed country with a high rating and a standard level of taxation, and is a member of the EU, UN, NATO and other international organisations. The economy of the UK is among the five largest in Europe. Its capital is London, one of the leading financial and business centres of the world. On the whole, the UK is a country with a standard level of taxation, but at the same time, British companies are widely used in practice by entrepreneurs as a vehicle for tax planning. We discuss below the features of a UK-resident company, subject to UK tax, i.e. a company with a tax reference number, paying tax at standard UK rates, regardless of where its income is derived. In order that a UK company may be used as a tax-planning vehicle, the normal procedure is to include it in a two-company structure, consisting of a directly resident UK company and its foreign (usually tax-exempt) principal. More information

United Kingdom (Limited)

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